Saturday, June 6, 2009

Panic and PS3 at the office...

The Friday was technically going fine and normal... most of the people already feeling the weekend fever... not counting the heavy rain downpour... sadly, it didn't went as I had hoped for the day to happen.

The day was supposedly coming to an end, with little or minor tasks left to deal with... and on the siesta afternoon time, calamity struck... the power went out... I was already anticipating this was going to happen because of the strong gush of wind from the outside, so I was the first to arrive at our server room... safe shutdown procedures were started since our UPS won't last that long... quick rounds were done around the office to check if other machines and equipment are needed of immediate attention because of the blackout. A very tense 20 or 30 minutes until power was restored. Nothing serious was experienced and things went smoothly once again. But this incident really reminded me how bloody the situation can change with a blink of an eye... and the nightmare of Sys Ads in dealing with power outage.

At the end of the day, since it was the night towards another weekend, the office has yet turned into a fun-house... PS3 (with Soul Caliber 4), CS 1.6 network tourney, and Wii (Rockband) were the main events in the office. I wanted to try out the Soul Caliber in PS3... so most of my time was spent studying the movesets of Kilik and the Korean Guy that looks like a pirate.

I guess this just says that I should always be at my toes... ready for anything "wrong" that might happen.

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