Thursday, July 6, 2023

Disable the screen resolution dialog for Paw Patrol On a Roll Game (Steam)

 If you are a loving parent/tech-uncle who just wants to make your child have a seamless way to play the "Paw Patrol On a Roll" game purchased from Steam and you either use Steam Link or Steam Deck, the window dialog asking about the screen resolution can sometimes become a nuisance.

There's an old discussion thread on the Steam page of the said game, but seems the OG devs aren't paid enough to maintain support on old games. A very kind-soul under the username "Pahiro" gave some general idea how to do the fix on your own copy of the game. For some technically-blessed people, they were able to understand and make the workaround fix using the Unity Asset Bundle Extractor published in Github performing the following steps.

  1. Download the UABE release from GitHub (nowadays everyone by default is using a 64bit windows machine so please pick that).
  2. Run the AssetBuildExtractor.exe
  3. Select File -> Open, select the "globalgamemanagers" located inside the local game install folder of the Paw Patrol game; by default it is located in... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Paw Patrol On A Roll\PawPatrol_Data
  4. Click on the first line with the type PlayerSettings, do an export dump as text file
  5. With a notepad or other text editor, look in the dumped text file the integer variable "displayResolutionDialog" and change the value to 0.
  6. Save the modified text file, then back in the UABE click the import dump and select that modified dump text file.
  7. Select File -> apply and save the new globalgamemanagers file (better to backup the old one before swapping them). If it prompts an error saving it, save it with a different file name then just use the file explorer to make the file renames as necessary.
After applying the fix, game launched fine on my part.

Now the backstory has been all said and done, if you just want the actual file (disclaimer: I have no liability should there be unfortunate outcomes when using the file I shared), see this drive link to download the modified globalgamemanagers file.

Hope this helps.