Friday, June 12, 2009

Globe Tattoo and Huawei E1552

I was planning to purchase a prepaid broadband dongle for my laptop, and when the promo launched by Yahoo! and Globe Telecoms sprung up... well, I decided to do it at that time. The regular price of the kit is Php 1,895 (around $40) inclusive of Php 100 load... the promo price was less Php 200.

The dongle that was included in the package was a Huawei E1552, which has a built in micro-SD card reader that acts as an additional portable storage expansion slot. The dongle was good and all... inside there were setup programs and drivers for it on Windows-based platforms... the bad thing however was that... the model of the dongle is still quite new, and therefore Linux is still unable to support the said device... damn!

As for the performance of the broadband internet connection, I find it satisfactory and well within the expected performance with respect to what you paid for... connection is spiking to around 100 kB/sec... the rate being charged is Php 5 / 15 mins usage... or Php 20 / hour ... not bad... except that it doesn't work yet with Linux.

I hope this small matter will be fixed in the near future.


  1. have you had a read at this?


    may be some helpful stuff there; he may be very keen to work with you on this new Huawei device

  2. Its now working natively on LinuxMint 8 or Ubuntu 9.10.