Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First post... part of my "change" phase...

Good day to all! I've decided that I would expand a bit further my past time of blogging. Over the past year, I only posted my blogs in my multiply account and within the boundaries of my friends as my readers. However, based on my accounts, I think there could be some people who would interest in reading my work and my experiences in a life as a Systems Administrator.

Most probably, the contents of my posts are usually about accounts of my day-to-day experiences that are somewhat technical, combined with some drama I stumble upon once in a while. Sometimes, the title of my post begins with the "Transition Chronicles", because currently that is the name of the blog-series I am currently making. Those snippet titles indicate a phase or current situation I am encountering in my life.

I hope that this goes well and probably become a new hobby as a semi-tech blogger.

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