Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toshiba Folio AS100 mod-ding

To those who were able to purchase and get their hands on a quite rare Toshiba Folio AS100 and are suffering greatly on the poor performance of the stock Android OS, there is someone who just saved us from almost throwing our tablets off the window.

A guy by the name (or screen name, not sure) Dexter Picard was very kind enough to develop and release a good and working "FolioMod" image for our tablet PC. There's an active thread running in the XDA Developers forum which discusses further about the actual ROM created and how to install it to your Folio device. Refer to Post #1 on this thread and follow the instructions.

Some key features that you get when using the FolioMod are:
  • fully working and somewhat latest Google Apps (Gmail, Maps)
  • a working Android Marketplace App (Yes, the same market app we have come to love and familiar to any Android device)
  • better tweaked response and performance
  • root privileges of course (very useful for uninstalling the crap-ware pre-bundled by Toshiba, but still it's up to you to remove them)
I'm currently using the FolioMod v1.3c and frankly, I'm quite happy with it. Hope that you will also do and feel the same.

A great deal of thanks and cheers to Dexter and the rest of the people who have contributed heavily on developing and improving the FolioMod image.


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