Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We will miss you Pres. Cory Aquino

As night has befallen upon delivering former president Corazon Aquino to her final resting place alongside her husband... this is indeed a day to mark a great loss to the Filipino people...

With all of the documentaries, interviews, special articles flooding the media airwaves and printing presses, many people (the entire Filipino masses), has so many to say of what Pres. Cory did in service for God, country and family. Truly a remarkable sacrifice done by a single person... a person worthy of praise, admiration, and tribute given by all people across the nation and the world.

Of what has transpired over these few days of mourning... recounting her life's work and examples set unto us... I really do hope her sacrifices for everyone of us will not go in vain, and may her life will serve as a reminder... an inspiration to all of us... to be of greater service to our country towards a more prosperous and truly democratic nation. It has been mentioned in one of the radio stations that us Filipinos only say in doing things but does not translate in action, I hope this will not be true this time around... and the loss of this great Filipina marks a change... an awakening of the Filipino people to strive for a better tomorrow, not just for an individualistic sense, but for the greater good of every Filipino citizen... "a haven from oppression... a democratic nation".

I may have not been born yet when Pres. Cory stood up against oppression and fought for us for democracy... when she took the task of becoming the first female president and rebuild a shaken and battered nation... it is relatively impossible for a Filipino-born citizen to not know and admire the work and sacrifices she went through... and with that, her memory will live on through each of us.

We will indeed miss you...