Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 months going... 3 months to go...

By the end of this week.... I have been into my work for 3 months... 3 months to go until my probation period comes to an end...

Should I stay or should I go? Must I strive to further excel in the office... or pave a new career path out?

It is still too early to tell, or even too early to make a decision... My concern here is that... within 3 months, my opinion with regards to the company itself has changed... the next 3 months might change once more my opinions towards my employer and the company as a whole (in a not so good light). The people here are all nice and easy to work with... except for a few which I wished to have not been with at all... their influence over my well-being is still insignificant, but maybe the next 3 months just might change all this.

A job working as a Systems Administrator is not that bad... and in fact you will learn a lot from it... the major downside of it is that you are stuck being an employee, and not a boss or management position... and your job involves getting slack and "garbage" from everyone else... not to mention the unreasonable or uncalled-for sermons from your boss saying that you don't work enough (we work an irregular 6 days a week... nearly having a 10 hours shift on weekdays, and an extra half day on weekends... and NO extra/OT pay)... now that's not very fair isn't?

My other concern is that... I want a career that I could live through without having much trouble in the financial aspect. Being employed will not bring me to places and the kind of life I (and my future family; still dreaming to have a relationship) in a comfortable manner... it is either being a big-shot or having your own business is probably the better option.

3 months is actually a short span of time... but crucial to what you decide for the next months, or even years, that you intend to live through...

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