Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gains and losses... do they usually balance each other out?

Another day at the office, but somehow faith would once again put a twist to the almost same routine...

Over these past few days, I gradually gain some of the access permissions to our gateway server and our primary virtual machine server. This is a good sign because I was getting tired and bored with my usual limited routines and capabilities I could work with at the office and still relying on my superiors for tasks that I know are easy pickings. Little by little, at least it's starting to feel that I'm really working as a sys ad and not just a helpdesk resource person.

This day however also marked my first internal conflict with a co-worker... I am also not sure as to how and why it happened... but I think I accidentally pissed off my co-worker whom I was supposed to have lunch with, but ended up making that person looked like being left out by our usual lunch-group. Despite the fact that I don't know if I was the root cause... I still apologized just to be sure. I made sure that things will be back to normal before the office day ended.

I guess everyday... there would be gains and losses... just like ups and downs... it's on the matter if they balance each other out in terms of your own perspective.

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